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What to do if we stay in quarantine for an unpredictable period?

Dynamic Archive (DNA) offers artists and designers the tool to catalog their work, digitize documents, maintain their private library and build their own web exhibitions.

As a result, after the crisis, we will be ready for the institutional archives to give them access to an unprecedented number of objects accessible online for deeper research. Visiting storage areas, unpacking boxes and folders is reduced to an easy web search for works that can be identified as relevant to the institutional archives.

Meanwhile, the general public can visit the daily work of a large group of artists and designers, which hopefully makes these days a lot more pleasant to get through.

Some examples? see the work of costume designer Rien Bekkers, Graphic designer Anthon BeekePhotographer Bert Nienhuis, Composer Peter Schat.*, director Javier López Piñón, set designer Erik K. Kouwenhove, exhibition designer Floris Guntenaar* and more

*) websites generated by DNA

Please note: to ease the mandatory home stay with your family and children, we created a special with links to nursery rhymes and movies for the toddlers at home.

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