the most economic archive for people working in the arts


Free publication of your profile, biography, portrait or logo and publication of visuals related to the events you contributed to*. (See Events list)

Private membership fee is equal to the avarage price of a Cappucino: €2,82 per Month.
This monthly contribution is appreciated but not mandatory.

PRIVATE SUBSCRIPTION 2. including Website template
Regular fee (€6,80 per Month) = €81,60,= per annum
Website template is directly generated by the archive, no duplication.
The Wordpress plugin supports publishing data on your website as selected from your archive.



Companies appoint responsible registrars or archivists. The application is different compared to the private 'bottom-up' archive.
For companies, digital inventory of existing analog archives is most relevant.

Private and Adlib supported databases were already successfully migrated to our CrossMarx application platform.
Examples are: Collectie Beelden aan Zee (from Adlib), Schilpen collectie (from in-house developed datamodel)
Data imported from other systems such as Adlib, Past Perfect, etc. need consultation. 

The cost of a three-month trial period -including webinars- is €275. If the participant decides not to continue the membership, the Dynamic Archive will provide an export of all data to the owner. 

Producers can publish new productions in the event agenda: time/date, locations and participants. 
Access by appointed registrar. (see the list of organizations)
Membership €135 per annum
Membership including additional use of the archive: see below Small/Medium/Large.

Small (up to ten member registrars) €1.068 p.a.
Medium (up to thirty member registrars) €1.950 p.a.
Large (thirty to fifty member registrars) €2.390 p.a.

**) Ad hoc project are charged for a one year membership depending on the size of the project.

Unlike the private personal archives (bottom-up), this archive model is structured hierarchically (Top-down).


*) If the data exceeds 5 GB, the net data storage costs will be charged.
Dynamisch Archief Foundation does not send invoices for additional costs over €50 without prior consultation with the user.

The CrossmarX application platform provides the Software-as-a-Service since 2001.
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS nl) is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet.