Project platform

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The platform is open to all members. The project platform is started and maintained by the 'Moderator' or 'Administrator'. The Moderator invites the participants and is primarily responsible for the agenda. All participants get access to project data such as Agenda, Tasks, Documents, etc. Each individual participant can initiate a project and invite colleagues to a collaborative project.
After the end of a project, the data is retained, orderly archive and available for reference, publication or research.

As opposed to the private user of the archive (bottom-up), the art-producing institutions can use the hierarchical stucture (top-down). The institution shares its archive with chosen employees to maintain the archive. Individual members can start a working group or ad hoc production by using the project platform.

The type of project is determined by the Moderator or administrator. Project may be the development process of an exhibition, performance, or any other chosen type.

Video Conference calls within the private platform
The corona crisis has increased the need to communicate remotely. At the start of the crisis, we saw a strong improvisation with regard to the use of all kinds of online communication platforms. Tools like MS Teams, Skype, Facetime but also ZOOM are used en masse. Some of these platforms have serious privacy and security questions. Massive use regularly leads to performance issues. (DNA) now offers its own safe service within the 'Project platform'
Project members can compile work groups, share data and make Video conference calls. All types of projects, processes and partnerships can be initiated and documented in this way.

Note: manuals are available at the opening page after login.